Mar 19, 2012

Why Hire An Immigration Attorney? Protect Yourself. Avoid Scams

Like with "politics" and "cooking", many people claim to be "experts" in immigration issues. As an immigrant myself, I have often encountered other immigrants who have received themselves or have known of someone else who has received the "help" of a friend or an acquittance  that claimed to be an "expert" in preparing the immigration applications for them. And while some of them were lucky enough not to suffer any negative consequences of such "help", there were unfortunately too many who were not so lucky. And their life has changed forever because of it.
Going to the wrong place for help, with such an important task - applying for an immigration benefit with the immigration government agency - may have extremely serious consequences for the life of the applicant as well as his or her family .Some of these "experts" practicing unauthorized law, often charged their victims more money then a highly trained  legal practitioner would have charged in the first place. And even in cases where they have meant well,  such "friends" have managed to disqualify the applicant of their rights, or have exposed the applicant and/or his family to deportation, in the most dramatic cases.
Most of these people practicing law without a license will lure their victims with promises of guaranteed results and "lower" costs for the process. But what is the cost if they are wrong? What is really the cost when such help is not only leaving your pockets empty but your dreams shattered as well? Is this cost worth paying?
Someone once said that immigration law is similar in complexity with the IRS code. And it surely is. It takes a lot of time and effort on the part of a legal practitioner to keep up with all the changes in the law and to make sure that the best service is provided to her clients. In the end, it is the client's life at stake. Would you rather be operated on by a "friend" or by a surgeon?
Do not let anyone steal your money and dreams away! Your  future and your family's future is worth investing in! Talk with an authorized legal professional and be sure to receive the legal help that you need and deserve.

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