Jul 29, 2011

Georgia's Farm Land Jobs Crisis

Georgia's Governor Deal proposed that the 11,000 openings — which, he suggested, should be filled with some of the state's 100,000 ex-convicts, about 25% of whom are unemployed.
However, a few weeks ago, in a documentary of a local television station, several ex-convicts and the reporters were trying to work for a day in the cucumber fields and they declared it was one of the most difficult jobs they have ever done. So how realistic is governor's plan to protect Georgia's agriculture industry from the predictable effects  of enacting one of the harshest immigration law in the nation, (the law took effect July 1, 2011),  is yet to be seen. Please click on the title to read the entire article from Time Magazine.

Jul 1, 2011

Other States Follow the "State Immigration Bills" Trend

According to American Immigration Lawyers Association: "South Carolina bill (SB 20) has been signed into law by Gov. Nicki Haley on June 27, 2011. SB 20 authorizes police officers to investigate immigration status on routine stops and mandates the use of E-Verify. The bill is set to take effect on January 1, 2012."

In Georgia, according to the same source, "A federal judge issued a preliminary injunction on key provisions of HB87.  Judge Thrash blocked the parts of the law that tried to turn local cops into immigration officers, and that made it a crime to transport, harbor, or induce an undocumented immigrant.   This is a huge defeat for Governor Deal and Rep. Matt Ramsey, the bill’s sponsor."